Did you know IMCU offers alert settings for your accounts to help save you money and keep you safe?

alert settings dyk

Receive alerts via email, text or once logged in to IMCU’s online banking system, NetTeller, to notify you of account activity such as when accounts have reached a set balance, when checks have cleared, or when loan payments are due.

Follow these steps to activate your alert settings in NetTeller:

  1. Login to your IMCU account through NetTeller
  2. Click on “Settings” in the main toolbar
  3. Click on “Alerts”
  4. Enter your email address and mobile phone number for your alert settings
  5. Set your alerts to notify you via email, text or login when:
    • Account balances go below or above a specified amount
    • Account debit transactions post above a specified amount
    • A specified check clears your account
    • There is an invalid or successful login to your online banking account
    • There is an ID or Password change to your online banking account
    • You have a maturing loan or certificate
    • You have an expiring/expired transfer
    • You have a failed transfer
    • You have insufficient funds
    • Your account statements are ready to view
    • You have a loan payment due
    • You have a mailing address change

You can also create alert settings for your IMCU Credit Card! 

  1. Click on “Credit Cards” in NetTeller
  2. Select your credit card account number
  3. Click on “Alerts”
  4. Click on “Add New Alert”
  5. Set your alerts to notify you via email when:
    • A credit posts to your account
    • A payment posts to your account
    • A single transaction exceeds a specified amount
    • Available balance drops below a specified amount
    • Balance exceeds a specified amount
    • Balance is within credit limit
    • Credit limit is reached or exceeded
    • New statement is available
    • Number of transactions exceeds a set number
    • Payment due date is approaching
    • Payment returned

Click here to access NetTeller:  www.imcu.com

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