National Hobby Month

What hobbies and savings have in common

Are you a quilter? Race radio-controlled cars? Maybe you spend your spare time gardening, painting, or collecting coins from around the world. For many of us, hobbies and special interests offer a great way to use our free time, learn more about subjects that interest us, and even unleash our creativity. Hobbies are good for us, too. One clinical study showed that time spent pursuing hobbies and similar leisure interests could lower blood pressure and reduce people’s stress levels.

January is National Hobby Month, and it’s a great time to celebrate our members’ hobbies. Two things about hobbies remind us of Indiana Members Credit Union’s family of savings programs. First, both provide a satisfying sense of accomplishment. We’re proud when we create something new, and we’re just as proud when we achieve a savings goal. The other thing is the wide range of hobbies our members enjoy. Just as there are many choices of hobbies, there are so many different ways to save. Continue reading

Member Security Alert

Members have reported receiving calls purportedly from Indiana Members Credit Union Fraud Department requesting to verify debit card transactions.  The caller will then ask the member to validate a code sent by text message, which allows them access to your digital wallet.

Indiana Members Credit Union will never ask you to provide your full card number, PIN or a security code when validating a transaction, and will never ask for information to be shared via text message.

If you are ever concerned about a text message or phone call you’ve received, please hang up and contact your local IMCU branch, or our member services department at 317-248-8556 or 800-556-9268.

Click here for a listing of IMCU locations and hours:

National App Day

Putting technology resources in your hands

“There’s an app for that!” When you hear that line, you may remember the commercials Apple ran back in 2009 to promote one of the biggest benefits of its iPhone: the many applications created to simplify users’ lives and provide entertainment.

Smartphones have become such an important part of our daily lives that it’s easy to forget they didn’t exist until Apple unveiled the first iPhones in mid-2007. Now we count on the many types of smartphones to manage our schedules, answer our questions, plan our favorite TV programs no matter where we are, and even monitor our health.  In fact, they’ve become so important that December 11 has become known as National App Day! Continue reading


Stay Safe This Holiday Season

Cybercriminals successfully take advantage of the increase in online activity during the holidays.  The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners reports that the incidence of fraud increases by 20% during the holiday season.  The Department of Homeland Security offers the following suggestions to be safe this holiday season: Continue reading

Member Security Alert

Indiana Members Credit Union values your identity.  Be aware of scams where fraudsters send text messages alerting you to click a link to unlock your debit card due to unusual activity.  Indiana Members Credit Union will never send links out in regards to your personal account.

If you are ever concerned about a text message or phone call you’ve received, please hang up and contact your local IMCU branch, or our member services department at 317-248-8556 or 800-556-9268.

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Big believers in philanthropy

Philanthropy may be a big word, but it describes a pretty simple idea. It’s a term that describes the people and organizations who give their money and other resources to improve the lives of others. If you regularly donate to charitable organizations because you want to help others who are less fortunate, you’re a philanthropist.

Putting philanthropy in action is an important part of our organization and as a member of Indiana Members Credit Union, you’re a part of that. As a non-profit cooperative, our credit union subscribes to the seven cooperative principles, one of which is supporting the sustainable development of the communities we serve. Our credit union philosophy is built around the basic idea of People Helping People. Continue reading


Savings can head off financial crises

Most people have good intentions when it comes to money. They try to be careful when buying things and look for ways to save a few dollars here and a few dollars there, believing that will put them on the right path for financial security.

What keeps them from achieving that security? Often, it’s life’s unexpected events. Just when everything is going well, the car breaks down and you discover you need a new transmission. Or you get sick and miss two weeks of work. Maybe the washing machine leaks, leading to an expensive repair and having to replace the flooring. Continue reading

Indiana Members Foundation Awards Over $80,000 in Scholarships and Grants

Indiana Members Foundation, the charitable arm of Indiana Members Credit Union, recently hosted its 2019 Grant Recipient Awards Banquet at Primo’s South in Indianapolis and awarded over $80,000 in grants through its Robert E. Martin Collegiate Scholarship Program, Mike and Marti Ney “People Helping People” Grants, Terry Renick Legacy Golf Grants, and the Joan Wolfe Legacy Grant for the Arts Program.

The Robert E. Martin Collegiate Scholarship Program was established to honor Robert E. Martin for more than four decades of dedication and service as a board member of IMCU as well as his commitment to education throughout his career as Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance at Indiana University Purdue-University at Indianapolis (IUPUI).  The scholarships are available to college students that are members of Indiana Members Credit Union.  Applications are accepted annually from January 1 through March 31. Continue reading

National Family Health and Fitness Day

Using your HSA can keep your family healthier

Indiana Members Credit Union believes it’s important to improve your family’s financial fitness all year long. That’s why we offer a wide range of programs for saving money, affordable ways to borrow when you need to, and free online services to help you stay fiscally fit in less time.

September 28 is National Family Health & Fitness Day, so we also wanted to take the opportunity to encourage you to focus on your family’s physical well-being, too. After all, when people stay fit and healthy, they enjoy life more and are less likely to face hefty medical bills. Continue reading

Why Our Non-Profit Status Matters To You

Why our non-profit status matters to you

Many don’t give much thought to the ownership of the companies they do business with. But when it comes to financial services such as your checking and savings accounts, whoever makes the decisions about your business matters more than you may realize.

When you need accounts or other services like auto and mortgage loans, you can turn to a credit union like IMCU or you can go to the bank down the street. The accounts and services may seem to be quite similar, but there are very important differences. Continue reading