Talk About the Credit Union Difference

Chances are, no matter how young your child is, she knows (at least in a basic way) what a bank is. But does she know what a credit union is?

Spend a little time discussing both the similarities and the differences between banks and credit unions in a way that your child will understand. Explain the difference between being a member/owner and being a customer. Explain the services that are offered by both, how profit works, and that credit unions are not-for-profit. Growing up with a clear knowledge of the differences and the benefits of credit unions will help your child make informed decisions when choosing a financial institution as an adult.

5 Easy Steps for Credit Card Debt Freedom

 If your credit card spending has caused a stack of debt to pile up, it’s time to reverse the trend! With focus, discipline and patience, you can reduce and eliminate your credit card debt, no matter what the amount. Here’s some tips…
  • Create a detailed list of each debt, including the name of the debt, the amount, the current rate and the minimum payment due.
  • Rank your list from the highest rate to lowest.
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