Indiana Members Credit Union Real Estate Q & A Events

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Join Indiana Members Credit Union as they host a series of HomeAdvantage™ Q & A   events for the public.  IMCU has partnered with CU Realty Services to offer the HomeAdvantage program, which helps members search for homes online, connect to preferred Realtors and earn a rebate at closing.  IMCU branch managers are hosting these Q & A events with HomeAdvantage-approved real estate agents. The events give members an opportunity to stop in the branch to get answers to their real estate questions without pressure or commitment.  No appointments are necessary.  Continue reading

Why a credit card is a great addition to your wallet and how to choose one

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Cash is scary. You have no protection if you lose it. It’s an easy target for theft. Carrying a credit card can protect you from much of those troubles. In addition to being accepted in more places, credit cards have fraud liability protection built into them. You’re only liable for a portion of the total loss. Depending on your credit card, you might not be liable for any of the fraudulent activity on your account. Continue reading

Three Tricks To Retire Rich

Tricks to retiring rich

The difference between working yourself to death and retiring to live a life of comfort is smaller than you think. We like to believe in the simple caricature that rich people retire rich and poor people don’t retire. The truth is, much of the difference between retiring and continuing to go to work every day comes down to a few simple choices. Let’s take a look at three tricks that separate the successful retirees from the workers who are too insecure to retire: Continue reading

Setting Yourself Up for Auto Loan Success

Auto Loan March Newsletter

When shopping for a new car, it’s easy to let your emotions drive you.  After all, you’ve been fantasizing about that red convertible for how long?  For most people, a car is the most expensive purchase they’ll make aside from their house.  So, keeping this sobering thought in mind is a solid step toward reining in those emotions. Continue reading