0% Auto Loan Might Not Be the Best Deal

0% Financing Article

In seeking the best deal on your next car, you might’ve stumbled upon advertisements or offers to get a 0% interest auto loan. As great as this sounds, you may not save as much as you expect with this type of incentive.

Since auto loans can come through either a dealer or a lender, such as a bank or credit union, it’s important to note that a 0% interest loan generally, if not always, is obtained through a dealer. Automakers offer them to attract buyers to certain car models, especially ones that aren’t selling well. Here are a few things to consider about 0% financing and why it might not be in your best interest to use it. Continue reading

Setting Yourself Up for Auto Loan Success

Auto Loan March Newsletter

When shopping for a new car, it’s easy to let your emotions drive you.  After all, you’ve been fantasizing about that red convertible for how long?  For most people, a car is the most expensive purchase they’ll make aside from their house.  So, keeping this sobering thought in mind is a solid step toward reining in those emotions. Continue reading