Stay Safe This Holiday Season

Cybercriminals successfully take advantage of the increase in online activity during the holidays.  The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners reports that the incidence of fraud increases by 20% during the holiday season.  The Department of Homeland Security offers the following suggestions to be safe this holiday season: Continue reading

Member Security Alert

Indiana Members Credit Union values your identity.  Be aware of scams where fraudsters send text messages alerting you to click a link to unlock your debit card due to unusual activity.  Indiana Members Credit Union will never send links out in regards to your personal account.

If you are ever concerned about a text message or phone call you’ve received, please hang up and contact your local IMCU branch, or our member services department at 317-248-8556 or 800-556-9268.

Click here for a listing of IMCU locations and hours:  http://www.imcu.com/Locations-and-Hours.aspx


Big believers in philanthropy

Philanthropy may be a big word, but it describes a pretty simple idea. It’s a term that describes the people and organizations who give their money and other resources to improve the lives of others. If you regularly donate to charitable organizations because you want to help others who are less fortunate, you’re a philanthropist.

Putting philanthropy in action is an important part of our organization and as a member of Indiana Members Credit Union, you’re a part of that. As a non-profit cooperative, our credit union subscribes to the seven cooperative principles, one of which is supporting the sustainable development of the communities we serve. Our credit union philosophy is built around the basic idea of People Helping People. Continue reading