Amazon PIN-less Debit Transaction Info

Amazon has recently changed their payment process which allows debit card payments to be processed as PIN-less debit transactions. Although the transaction will be processed like a debit transaction with a PIN (Personal Identification Number), the PIN won’t be required to be entered.  When using your card as a signature-based transaction, you enjoy the same protections as when entering your PIN.  Due to lower processing costs of signature-based transactions, this allows IMCU to continue to provide great rates and lower fees.  Continue reading

The Credit Union Office In Your Dorm

When you’re away at school, you’re responsible for managing your own money. That can be a challenge for some students, who have to balance getting books and supplies with the temptations of pizza and caramel lattes.

Managing money during college is more than an exercise in trying to survive for four years. You’re actually developing the financial habits that will guide you through the future and forming attitudes about saving and spending. If you can start organizing your approach to money now, you’ll have a much easier time making the transition to success after school. Continue reading