Moving? Here’s How To Simplify

Moving is hard work. Packing all your stuff, helping your kids and pets make the transition, and loading a moving van with boxes isn’t easy. Oh, and did you remember to change your kids’ school records, shut off the utilities, call the post office, set up the internet, and schedule the water to be turned off?

Odds are, you could use some help.

Since there’s so much to keep up with, we’ve put together a checklist so you can move like a pro. We broke the moving process into steps to help you stay focused, remember the small things, and savor the last moments in your old home.

Follow these steps to help you navigate the next few months. Continue reading

Business Owners: Developing A New Idea?


Is there an idea or new product you are considering adding to your business? Indiana Members Credit Union helps businesses like yours grow and succeed by providing a wide range of affordable financing options. For example, if you’re thinking about building a new facility or expanding your current location, you may consider a commercial real estate loan. Continue reading


A smart way to pay for energy-saving updates

The tenth of January marks the annual observance of National Cut Your Energy Costs Day, and it’s a great time to take a closer look at your home and see what you can do to lower your energy costs.

Some changes are easy and cost very little to make. For example, lowering your thermostat by just one degree can reduce your heating costs by as much as 3 percent, according to the Energy Department. Caulking your windows can reduce drafts that let heat escape and bring cold air in. During the summer months, using window coverings in rooms that receive the most sunlight can cut your air conditioning costs. Continue reading


Security begins with you

January 9 is National Law Enforcement Day, an opportunity for Americans to call attention to the brave men and women who are dedicated to watching our communities and protecting us from criminals.

It’s always reassuring to know that law enforcement professionals are a call away when we need help, but it’s also important to remember that our personal security actually begins with our actions. The police can help after someone steals from us, but we can minimize the chances of that happening if we follow some simple steps. Continue reading


Celebrate National Technology Day online with us

You may not realize it, but Sunday, January 6, is National Technology Day in the United States, a day created to help us focus on all the ways technology has affected our lives. An excellent example of that is the way technology has made managing your money more convenient, such as all the great Online Banking services you’ll find at Indiana Members Credit Union!

Our online NetTeller system, which is free to all members, gives you secure online access to all of your IMCU accounts from any computer or mobile device. That means you can check balances, transfer money between accounts, pay your bills, see if checks have cleared, or review your monthly statements from home, work, or wherever it’s convenient. Continue reading

The Retirement Mindgame

The Retirement Mindgame
Your outlook may influence your financial outcome.

Provided by Gregg Perrey and Jeff Olbina

 What kind of retirement do you think you’ll have? Qualitatively speaking, what if the success or failure of your retirement begins with your perception of retirement?

A whole field of study has emerged on the psychology of saving, spending, and investing: behavioral finance.  Since retirement saving is a behavior (and since other behaviors influence it), it is worth considering ways to adjust behavior and presumptions to encourage a better retirement. Continue reading

An IMCU Lifestyle Guide: Dealing with Identity Theft


If it looks like someone may have stolen your identity, you need to take action as quickly as possible for two reasons: first, you want to stop the criminal from stealing from you, and second, you need to protect your credit rating.

Indiana Members Credit Union knows how important it is to take action in this situation, and we know that it can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why we created this basic guide to spell out the steps you need to take right away, and what you can do to protect your identity and your credit in the future. Continue reading

An IMCU Lifestyle Guide: Ready for Retirement?


Whether retirement has finally arrived or it’s approaching rapidly, you’ve worked hard
for a long time to get here. Bringing your career to an end (or even cutting back on the
amount of time you devote to work) leads to all sorts of changes and forces you to make
many important decisions that will determine the quality of the years ahead. Indiana
Members Credit Union created this guide to help you make the right choices for your
situation and needs.

While most people will spend plenty of time thinking about what they’d like to do in their retirement years, far fewer actually take the time or the steps to prepare. According to Money Magazine, one-third of Americans have no retirement savings, and another 23 percent have only been able to save less than $10,000. (Only 13 percent have managed to put away at least $300,000.) Continue reading