8 Simple Ways to Stretch a Dollar

8 simple ways to stretch a dollar

Living within your means is the foundation of financial health. But, that’s easier said than done. If you find yourself in the red at the end of too many months, you’re not alone. “Sticking to a budget” is the No. 1 financial challenge for Americans, according to a recent GOBankingRates survey.

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3 Biggest Money Mistakes College Students Make

Money mistakes college students
There is a weird dichotomy with college students. On the one hand, collegians are very creative with saving money. I’ve seen fellow students survive on a food budget of $3 a day. One friend of mine even lived a whole semester rent-free by sleeping in his giant van and showering in the school gym! On the other hand, college students are notorious for making basic financial mistakes. Part of it is inexperience, while another part of it is the realities of college life.

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