Big believers in philanthropy

Philanthropy may be a big word, but it describes a pretty simple idea. It’s a term that describes the people and organizations who give their money and other resources to improve the lives of others. If you regularly donate to charitable organizations because you want to help others who are less fortunate, you’re a philanthropist.

Putting philanthropy in action is an important part of our organization and as a member of Indiana Members Credit Union, you’re a part of that. As a non-profit cooperative, our credit union subscribes to the seven cooperative principles, one of which is supporting the sustainable development of the communities we serve. Our credit union philosophy is built around the basic idea of People Helping People.

We do that in one way by helping you and your fellow members achieve financial security. By offering accounts and loans that allow you to make the most of your money, we make it easier to meet your daily needs while planning for the future.

Just as important are the many ways we support the communities you and your fellow members call home. We provide financial and volunteer support to a wide range of other non-profit organizations that are dedicated to helping people strengthen their economic well-being, whether that’s through financial education or direct support.

In addition, we created a philanthropic foundation called the Indiana Members Foundation, which has a specific goal of supporting learning and educational success for schoolchildren in Central Indiana. For example, the Foundation has donated more than 857,000 school supplies (including 49,000 backpacks) since 2006 as part of the Indy BackPack Attack School Supply Drive and provided more than 3,800 school uniforms to children whose families couldn’t afford them. Kids who are hungry find it difficult to concentrate on learning, so we’ve given more than 20 tons of food to local food pantries, too. To help students continue learning after high school, the Foundation’s Robert E. Martin Collegiate Scholarship Program has given more than $76,000 in college scholarships. You can learn more about the Indiana Members Foundation and its work in our community at

On the 15th of November, we celebrate National Philanthropy Day, but our efforts to improve the lives of others go on all year long. We encourage you to join our efforts to help others and make our communities even better places to call home!

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