National Nurses Day

There’s a link between your health and your credit union

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, America’s nurses are hard at work taking care of the health needs of people of all ages. On one day each year, we take a moment to thank them. May 6 is National Nurses Day, and it’s a great time to stop and thank nurses you know for being there in many of life’s toughest moments.

Did you know our roots are actually in healthcare? Back in 1956, the Indiana University Medical Center Federal Credit Union opened its doors, serving the nurses, doctors, technicians, and all the other people who worked at the Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis. Over time, we began serving employees of other organizations and eventually became Indiana Members Credit Union. Today, we serve more than 125,000 members from 27 full-service branch offices, making us Central Indiana’s largest credit union.

As a non-profit, member-focused organization, we’re always working to meet the financial needs of our members — whether they’re nurses, welders, programmers, or in any other occupation. Because healthcare represents a significant part of most people’s annual costs, we want to help our members make the most of what they pay for the care they receive.

That’s why we’re proud to offer Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Not familiar with HSAs? They are a sensible product that gives you a way to pay for your everyday health care costs and put money aside for larger needs such as hospital visits. Essentially, an HSA is a special type of savings account created solely to pay for healthcare needs. Your employer can give you the option of using an HSA with what’s known as a high-deductible health plan. The health plan covers major situations such as accidents and surgeries, while the HSA covers everything else.

There are two great advantages of HSAs. First, you can use the money in your HSA for any qualified healthcare cost. For example, you can pay for doctor appointments and prescriptions using the special debit card that comes with the HSA. Second, the money you put in your HSA isn’t taxed, and any funds that you don’t use earn dividends and grow tax-free. You can use them to build up savings in case you need serious health care down the road.

The HSA available through IMCU has no minimum balance or monthly fee and earns a competitive rate of dividends. It comes with a free debit card and free online banking services, too, along with free access to IMCU, Alliance One, and AllPoint ATMs throughout the U.S.

Does your employer offer this sensible option? If not, encourage them to contact Gina Terril, Business Development Manager, at 317.554.8163 or Click here for more information:

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