Business Owners: Developing A New Idea?


Is there an idea or new product you are considering adding to your business? Indiana Members Credit Union helps businesses like yours grow and succeed by providing a wide range of affordable financing options. For example, if you’re thinking about building a new facility or expanding your current location, you may consider a commercial real estate loan. Our loan programs offer competitive rates, flexible terms, and the support of our team of business lending professionals, who can help you create a loan program for your specific needs. Just as important, loan decisions are made here, locally, so you can count on quick answers to your requests.

Feb. 11th is National Inventors’ Day, when we celebrate the people that have brought ideas into our world that have transformed our lives. What new idea do you have that will spark more business for you? Whatever your plans, IMCU can help you make it happen with many available solutions. Call us at 317.554.8105 to speak with one of our business team members today or visit us online at

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