There’s a powerful financial tool that can help you make the most of your money. It’s a secret that can stretch the dollars you earn in ways you’ve never imagined and help you worry a lot less about your money. Month after month, it can help you keep more of what you earn and cut your wasted expenses to a minimum.
This amazing tool has a very simple name. It’s called organization. We’re not kidding. The better you get at organizing your finances, the less money you’ll waste, and the harder the money you have will work for your goals.

You see, when your personal finances aren’t well-organized, you’ll struggle to know where you stand at any minute. Unexpected bills show up in the mail, or the kids need lunch money right after you’ve spent every penny you have. You make payments late and have to pay penalties, or you bounce checks because you forgot that you bought lunch with your debit card the other day. Each week, things get more chaotic and you seem to get farther behind.

The good news is that you have plenty of options for organizing your finances. Whether you prefer tracking things with paper and pencil or like to use software, all you need to do is choose the system that works best for you. Keep all your financial information in one place, and set aside one hour a week to concentrate on getting everything organized.

Not sure how to start? Why not stop by your nearest Indiana Members Credit Union location and talk with the manager? Our managers have plenty of experience at helping our members get better at managing their money. They can recommend books and other helpful resources, and are willing to work with you to find the system that works best for your needs. Why deal with chaos for another day? Stop by today and ask us to help you start on the road to organization!

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