The Easiest Choice For Merchant Services

You’re having a particularly busy day, and the phone rings. Once again, it’s someone claiming that they can help you process credit and debit card transactions for less. Most business owners are deluged with calls and emails about merchant processing, and new technology makes the choice even more complex. How can you be sure you’re getting the best processing for your company’s needs at the most affordable cost?

You could spend months talking to salespeople … or you could make one phone call to Indiana Members Credit Union’s Business Banking team.

“We provide the full array of Merchant Services through our trusted partner, Approval Payment Solutions,” explains Mike Murphy, VP Business Services for Indiana Members Credit Union. “We evaluated different providers and determined that APS offered the best approach for helping our members get the right processing at the right price.”

APS has a complete menu of electronic payment solutions that allow merchants to accept credit and debit cards, electronic bank transfers, gift cards, fleet cards, and checks safely and efficiently. In addition to providing the service, they offer all of the equipment the business needs to handle transactions, with purchase, lease, and rental options.

They start the process by sitting down with the business owner or whoever oversees transactions. “No two companies are exactly alike,” says Murphy. “So they ask questions to better understand the types of transactions your company handles, the number of transactions the amounts that are involved, and how those transactions are handled. For example, do most of your customers pay in person, by phone, by mail, or online?”

Next, APS performs a detailed cost analysis to determine which merchant processing program is the most cost-effective approach for the company’s needs. “There’s no cost for the analysis, and it doesn’t place your business under any obligation,” Murphy adds. “So there’s no risk involved. You may learn that your current merchant program is a great deal, or you may find that there’s a program that can provide better service and significant savings. All it takes is a few minutes of your time.”

If you decide to move forward with their recommendations, APS will help you with the transition from your current system to the new one. “We’ve been impressed with the quality of service our business members have received from APS,” notes Murphy. “They share our focus on putting our members’ needs first.”

Why settle for merchant processing that isn’t ideal for your business or that may be costing you more than it should? Ask our Business Banking team to connect you with APS today.

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