The Credit Union Office In Your Dorm

When you’re away at school, you’re responsible for managing your own money. That can be a challenge for some students, who have to balance getting books and supplies with the temptations of pizza and caramel lattes.

Managing money during college is more than an exercise in trying to survive for four years. You’re actually developing the financial habits that will guide you through the future and forming attitudes about saving and spending. If you can start organizing your approach to money now, you’ll have a much easier time making the transition to success after school.

Fortunately, we have something that can make organization a lot easier: our NetTeller online banking services. Using NetTeller is like having an Indiana Members Credit Union office right in your dorm or apartment. You’ll be able to handle most of your financial needs through your phone, tablet, or laptop. With NetTeller, you can access all of your account information, pay bills, and move money between accounts.

One of the most important features of NetTeller is the fact that it keeps track of your money for you. Did you forget that you used your debit card to buy groceries this morning? Or that today is the day your electric bill was taken out of your account? NetTeller remembered those things for you. You just need to log in every day or two to review the activity in your account. With NetTeller and free eStatements, you also have an easy way to track your spending. That can give you the information you need for your taxes or filling out financial aid forms.

And the best part? NetTeller is free! You can enroll right now at The sign-up process is simple, and you’ll see handy demonstrations to show you how to take advantage of all the features. Take control of your finances and sign up for NetTeller today!

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