Is Your Budget Leaking?


Ever have a leaky faucet? That drip-drip-drip did more than annoy you — it wasted money. Sure, each drop seemed pretty small. But a drop each second adds up to more than 3,000 gallons per year, or enough water to take 180 showers. That’s money going down the drain.

Is the same thing happening to your budget? When you get paid, you feel pretty comfortable, but if the money seems to run out before you get paid again, you may have a leak in your finances. Most of the time, “leaks” are caused by small purchases we make with cash. Like that dripping faucet, they seem so tiny that we don’t even notice, but over a year, they add up to big dollars.

Do you stop on the way to work for a beverage? Did you realize that $2 you’re spending each day adds up to nearly $500 a year? Maybe you buy $5 worth of lottery tickets each week. No big deal, right? Imagine what you could do with an extra $250, because that’s what you’re spending each year.

Most people lose a lot of money to unnecessary drips and drops. Get stopped for speeding, and not only will you have to pay a hefty fine, but your auto insurance will increase. Do you have a fitness club membership you rarely use? You’re paying for it every month. How much are you paying for all those cable TV channels you never watch? Do you spend extra for one-day shipping when buying something that you really don’t need that quickly? Use an ATM that charges a $3 fee when a free ATM is just a block away? Those examples combined could cost you well over a thousand dollars each year, and you don’t even notice!

Want some good news? You can put the leaky faucet idea to work for you. Instead of buying that jumbo-size sweet tea, pricey latte, or weekly lotto tickets, put those small amounts of money into a savings account each week. Our Christmas Club account is a great way to build up money for the future. You can start with just $50, and add to your account every week. We compound dividends monthly, and you’ll get a nice payment right before the holidays. Click here for more information,, or open yours today at any of our locations!

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