Thanksgiving Meal Leftover Ideas You Can Try


Thanksgiving Leftover Post

Thanksgiving holiday meals make for lots of leftovers!  And while you might want to savor memories of the wonderful gatherings of family and friends, you might not want to be eating the same reheated holiday fare every day and night.

So here are some leftover ideas you can try:

  1. Pockets.  Buy some puffed pastry (or, if you have the time, make it from scratch) and try combining bits of leftovers to fill your pockets.  For example, small pieces of turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce make a great post-Thanksgiving pocket.  Come up with your own unique combinations-it’ll become a new family tradition!
  2. Freeze it.  There’s nothing wrong with freezing your leftovers (pretty much anything cooked can be frozen) for an easy meal you’ll enjoy once the Thanksgiving holiday is long gone.
  3. Stir-fry.  Don’t want to freeze your Thanksgiving leftovers?  Any leftover meat or poultry can be quickly repurposed for use in a stir-fry.  Simply cut up, combine with your favorite fresh or frozen vegetables, and season to taste.  Try a new stir-fry sauce or use your favorite recipes, substituting ingredients with what you have on hand.
  4. Salads.  Bags of pre-washed lettuce make it easy to disguise leftover meat, poultry, and raw or cooked vegetables in a salad.  After all the heavy food, everyone enjoys a meal made of salads. Prepare a great dressing, toss, add a loaf of French bread, and dinner is served.

There’s so much you can do with leftovers, and by using what you have you avoid wasting good food … saving both time and money.

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